Anna Sartin, RD, LD

Hi there!  I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and mom of two with a passion for helping children develop healthy eating behaviors.  

As a mom, I know how chaotic and stressful the days can get and it can seem like getting everyone sitting at the table together for a meal is more fantasy than reality.  I would love to help your family achieve its meal-time goals!  I can help with meal planning, organization, grocery shopping, or other areas of food/nutrition you have concerns.  (For more info on my story, check out my first blog post!)

I've completed extensive training in evaluating and treating a variety of childhood nutrition problems including poor food acceptance, picky eating, weight acceleration or deceleration, meal-time behaviors, and food allergies.  

In my practice I recommend following the models established by Ellyn Satter for Division of Responsibility, Feeding Dynamics, and Eating Competence.  I firmly believe that it is not our job to get children to eat - It is our job to teach children how to eat to set them up for a lifetime of success!  

I would love to chat with you about how I can use my skills to help your family.  Contact me today to learn more!