Nutrition Services

What to expect:

I strive to provide customized and realistic recommendations based on individual concerns and circumstances.  I take a step-wise approach with my recommendations because I firmly believe that making incremental changes sets you up for success to establish a lifetime of healthy behaviors.  I'll work alongside you as you implement changes to meet your family's goals.

You wont hear me talking about "good foods" and "bad foods".   

All foods play a role in healthy eating behaviors - it's important that we eat food that we enjoy!

Notebook & Pad

Complementary Consultation

Not sure if your family would benefit from working with me?  During this free 15-minute call, you can share your primary concerns with me and I'll give an overview about how I can help.  Or, if I don't think I'm the right person to help, I'll help you find someone else!

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Picky Eating

Are your mealtimes a battle zone?  Do you feel like bribery, trickery, and endless negotiation are the only ways to get your kiddo to eat?  

Let me help!  I can give you tools to have the confidence to address picky eating issues.  You'll learn how to take the pressure off yourselves and take the pressure off your kids which will help you have more peaceful mealtimes and ultimately help your kids be more accepting to a variety of foods.

Investment: $150  Includes 15-minute pre-appointment phone call, 1-hour in-home consultation, and email support for 2 months.  Follow-up sessions: $50-$100

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Weight Management

Do you worry about your child's weight?  Many parents worry that their child is too small or too large.  During this evaluation we'll talk about your concerns and identify actions to take to help your child develop healthy eating behaviors.

Investment: $150  Includes 15-minute pre-appointment phone call, 1-hour in-home consultation, and email support for 2 months.  Follow-up sessions: $50-$100

Raw Vegetables

Meal Planning and 
Kitchen Set-Up

What's for dinner? Or breakfast? Or lunch?

One of the best ways to meet your family's nutrition goals is to plan ahead!  Having easy to make, yummy meals planned and ready to make and serve will help you stay sane and help your family eat healthier.

It's also important to have a well-equipped kitchen.  What should you keep in your fridge, pantry, etc.? What tools do you really need to get dinner on the table?  

I'll meet with you to provide recommendations created just for your family to help you be successful!

Investment: $150  Includes 1.5-hour in-home meeting and follow-up materials such as recipes and tip sheets.

In the Supermarket

Grocery Story Tours

The grocery store can be an overwhelming place, especially with new items on the shelves every week, but it doesn't have to be!  I'll walk with your through your favorite store to answer your questions and point out some of my favorite healthy foods and tips.    

Investment: $100 for 1-hour, $75 for each additional hour.  1-2 people per session, may be shared between friends/family if desired.


Group Education Sessions

Available for group lectures and group education sessions for schools, daycares, moms' groups, and others.  

Investment: Varies based on scope