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Snack Attack!

Parenting is yelling “YOU JUST HAD A SNACK!” Over and over until you give in and throw them another snack.

Saw this little quote online a few weeks ago and it made me giggle. But how DO you keep the nagging at a minimum so you don’t have to be a slave to the snack?!

Routine and Schedule

Just like other areas of parenting, setting expectations and a routine with your kids can help soo much! It’s helpful to provide a morning and afternoon snack (and a bedtime snack if your family likes those) every day. They don’t have to be elaborate or complicated, but they do need to be consistent.

Once you decide when you are going to offer snacks, keep the kitchen closed until snack time. If your kids ask for a snack, tell them that it’s not snack time yet and direct them to something else. You might get some pushback from your kids on this at first if this is a new strategy for you. Just be sure to re-iterate that there WILL be a snack, but it will be later. Depending on the age of your kids, you can be more specific (i.e. Snack time is at 10:00, or Snack time is in 1 hour)

If they are thirsty, it’s best to stick with water only between meals/snacks. Drinking milk, juice, etc. can interfere with appetite for meal time.