Monster Snack Bites

Guys. These Monster Cookie No-Bake snack bites from Bless this Mess are fantastic (click link for recipe)!

Our little man loves them because they have M&Ms in them (what's not to love?) and they are just yummy all around. I love them because they have natural sources of protein and whole grain, plus some healthy fats – all this helps make them an all-in-one complete snack to keep everyone satisfied until meal time.

I sometimes leave out the chocolate chips just to cut back on the sugar a little. I use a small cookie scoop like this one to make all the balls the same size and I got about 20 or so from this recipe.

They freeze really well, so I usually make a double batch and pull out a couple when we want to have them for a snack. They thaw out really fast, so you can eat them almost right away! Perfect for playdates! The only downside is that they are definitely not nut-free, so they aren't likely a good choice for school snack or team snacks.

Be sure to check back soon for one of my favorite adult energy bite recipes!

- Cheers!